Impact Executive Consulting

Executives are busy running the business, but still need to promote their personal and business brand to show up powerfully in today’s competitive environment. Enter, Grow My Ideas to create a brand and online presence for this executive consulting pro. Donna provides core support for leaders when they need written documentation to represent their skills and accomplishments. This could include a bio, resume or content which presents your expertise for an RFP, award nomination or speaker’s kit.

“After my website was complete, Albert provided a thorough training session which enabled me to keep my site properly edited. I learned how to update my content, change my pricing, add and edit blogs and add more testimonials. This is extremely important to me and the training was so clear, I feel I can do many things on my own to keep my site updated.”

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Grow My Ideas partnered with Xavier Creative House to incorporate and traslate the existing branding elements created for Impact Consulting by Xavier into a customized CMS theme. This website also runs an e-commerce integration.
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