Alan Miller

Alan Miller is the global authority on American antiques. Widely published on the subject and a buyer for the 'Who's Who' of collectors. He is often the last man standing at an auction when the price sails past the million dollar mark. Creating a brand and online presence for Prof Miller was pure joy. My goal was to make his integrity and brilliance shine through. He is a lover of the arts and of sciences, and we worked to make his website strike the perfect mixed balance.

My goal, whether working for a private client or a museum is to be sure that the piece under consideration is completely understood and the choice to acquire is conscious and well reasoned. It doesn’t matter if the piece in question is a $2,000. needlework picture, or a $10,000,000. high-chest.

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Professor Alan had no online presence for his renowned business, and he approached Grow My Ideas for help and guidance. It was a joy to create a rich, gorgeous, strong site. Armed with stunning images and facts from Alan's incredible lifetime of experience made the project bloom. It's an honor to support Alan Miller as a force for appreciating American fine furnishings.
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