You make the cupcakes, I'll do the icing!

Grow My Ideas

loves partnering with ad agencies, marketing firms, and marketing departments to create high-quality websites consistent with their client's branding and voice. Likely, they created the brand so they have the insight, and I'm all ears. Not every client needs a website, so why should every agency have a full time staff of programmers and UX designers? That's so old school.

How's does it work?

With years on the 'agency side', I understand the quality expected, and what's at stake. I respect your client relationships, and your schedule. Anytime you want, I can join client meetings, creative briefs, lunch--whatever it takes to get us all on the same page.

Whose client is it?

Yours, of course. "Once you have won a prize, it's yours to keep!" Alex Trebeck

How do the finances work?

We work out a payment structure that works for both of us. It's not complicated.

Can you mark-up my services?

Yes, and you should.

Who designs the website?

You. Me. Us. That's how we GROW.

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