Why Ohio is leaving Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton

Today, Ohio looks more and more like it is hers to lose.

The story of why is about Donald Trump: The Republican nominee delivered a woeful opening debate performance, spent days feuding with a former Miss Universe, and it was all capped off the following week by news of an explosive 2005 tape showing Trump seemingly bragging about sexual assaulting women.

The Clinton campaign stresses that it never abandoned Ohio, even as polls showed the state tilting away from her several weeks ago, with some showing Clinton losing to Trump by as many as 5 points – a far cry from the narrow win President Obama delivered against Mitt Romney. Trump’s appeal among working class white voters – especially white men – sliced into Clinton’s support among traditional Democrats.

But even as their candidate focused her appearances on other battleground states, the Clinton campaign continued to push their economic message and register voters – especially minorities and young people – with a ground game far superior to that of the Republicans.

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