International Hyperhidrosis Society

Project Description

The only independent, global, non-profit patient advocacy and healthcare education organization serving the world of people who sweat more than they need to, and everyone who cares for them.

Grow My Ideas has helped drive the presence of this global non-profit organization to nothing less than spectacular since its inception in 2003. From the 956-page website that hosts over 6,000 visitors PER DAY to online fundraising programs, an E-newsletter blog with over 50,000 subscribers, to live training and treatment events, DesignHow has designed, produced and launched programs that keep this important organization in the forefront of care. Their website is a content management system which allows the organization to update, edit, add, and delete content as often as they wish—-independently.

Project Details

  • branding
  • Adobe Illustrator, Joomla CMS, Adobe Photoshop
  • IHHS
  • 03-26-2019
(215) 327-6258